About the artist

           A painter and designer originally from Ventura, CA, Sima currently resides in Laguna Beach and is studying at Laguna College of Art and Design. Since early childhood, she has exhibited an infatuation and unique ability within the arts. Today, her ambition has cultivated a passionate investment in her blossoming career as an artist.

Sima captures fluid gesture in still scenes, fostering a raw engagement in the elements of self reflection. This is lucidly executed through her exploration in water, the nude figure, and oftentimes their mutual interaction. Her fearless strokes appear simultaneously effortless which blurs the line between reality and dreamscape. The results are heavily expressive and subtly experimental, unlocking an implicit dialogue between the intensely personal and their surrounding natural environments. With each layer of paint applied, the work’s meaning deepens, as well, and the artist creates an essence of the true love of her life; the sea.